Video Portfolio

Social/mobile journalism videos that I wrote, shot, and edited for Annenberg Media, Circa, Dimelo, and other outlets.


For USC Annenberg Media's Latino storytelling vertical, I produced this video the day that Donald Trump cancelled TPS for Salvadoran Americans. I interviewed a Salvadoran family in Los Angeles who will be impacted by this decision and will be forced to separate. 

USC Student's Black Panther Tribute Goes Viral

I decided to pursue this story for DiverSCity, an outlet that highlights stories of students of color at USC, after discovering two Nigerian students at USC create their own Black Panther tribute on a low-budget. Their homage to a film that validated their identities ended up going viral.

Diverse Love in Los Angeles

I co-produced this video as a special Valentine's Day video to highlight interracial couples at University of Southern California and greater Los Angeles. I asked about cultural and religious differences as well as things they like about each other for a simple, feel-good video. 

Body Worlds Exhibit: California Science Center

I produced this video about the Body Worlds: Pulse exhibit in the California Science Center for Circa. Viewers of all ages are able to learn about anatomy, health, and wellness through more than 200 plastinated specimens of real human bodies.

"Pointy Things" 101: What are they and what are they doing here?

The "Pointy Things" was a phenomenon that emerged when a USC student made a viral meme about the amount of "pointy" statues that keep appearing on the USC campus, joking that that's where all the tuition dollars are going. Since that meme, many have wondered what they are and why they are here. I produced this video, as well as interviewed students and the Head of Construction at USC, to find out more. 

Students Studying Abroad React to Donald Trump 

This video was produced shortly after Donald Trump announced his decision to run for President. I asked students studying abroad for their reaction, as well as the reactions from residents of the countries which they currently resided. 

Live Newscasts (Produced, Reported, Anchored)


Back in 2016, the entire Roski MFA in Fine Art program dropped out due to dissatisfaction in curriculum and faculty. Two years later, Roski is back with a new MFA in Design program. This is my report on USC Roski's newest 50,000 square foot creative studio space. 

I served as the Weather Anchor for Annenberg TV New's Wednesday live newscast and made graphics and a mini-package on weather conditions every week.