Coachella 2017 — Serendipitous in the desert

This is my second time going to Coachella and it’s definitely been an entirely different experience than last year. Last year, I went for only two days and covered it as press so I felt a lot of stress to remember each set and write an article about it after. It was definitely amazing because it was my first Coachella and I’ll never forget how Ice Cube brought out N.W.A. This year, I went with the same group of people but it was a lot crazier. We lived in an Airbnb an hour away so it was a lot more inconvenient than when we stayed at Indian Wells, which was only 15-20 minutes away. Some artists that we saw this weekend were Banks, Future (who brought out Drake!), DJ Snake, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Phantogram! We also spent a lot of time chilling in the beer garden which was really fun. The food was really expensive but I loved eating the huge Japanese hot dogs and the lobster fries. The weather was absolutely scorching and it was extremely dusty and dry. Our group lost each other a couple of times, and it was so funny because almost everybody was dressed the same or looked the same so I thought almost every single person I passed by was one of my friends. While we were on the way to the shuttle, my friend Vianna heard Desiigner’s “BRRT” and saw Desiigner and two members of Migos (Takeoff and Quavo) outside of their hotel. We got to meet them and take pictures and it was such a random moment! Such two weeks ago, Migos was supposed to headline USC’s annual concert but the concert got canceled so it was pretty surreal to meet them IN PERSON. Coachella is definitely an oasis of music, fashion, and food and I’m thankful to have attended for two years in a row. It’s a little too exhausting and crazy at times, so I definitely have to think about whether I would want to go next year. My mind says yes but my body says no.