Looking for Salvation in the middle of the desert

I finally got the chance to visit Salvation Mountain. It looks like an imaginary world you could only create in your dreams, but artist Leonard Knight decided to paint this extraordinary piece of art and dedicate it to God. 

Knight is known to have spent over three decades painting this mountain, often sleeping at the base of it with no water or electricity. It was definitely surreal seeing it in real life versus Instagram.

Since it’s quite far away, Melina and I headed out early in the morning. Shoutout to her for driving and playing some great music throughout the whole ride. Salvation Mountain is located in the desert, in a city called Niland. It’s several miles from the Salton Sea. Basically, it's in the middle of nowhere. 

We definitely knew it would be hot and dry, but did not anticipate it to be as hot as it was. We only had one bottle of water and it was definitely enough. I wanted to wear nicer shoes for photos, but had to go barefoot because I was asked to take them off. It was so hot that I felt like I was going to faint almost the entire time. It must have been the paint fumes mixed with the heat, because I felt like my body was being under attack. It definitely wasn’t the Holy Spirit. However, I’m glad we found some shady areas to cool off and just blast some music and relax! 

This place is extremely beautiful and unique, with a great message. It's such a hidden gem in the middle of California and visitors will definitely be able to feel Leonard Knight's burning passion for God. If you ever decide to go, consider going in the winter! Also, remember to bring lots of water and comfortable shoes. 

Since coming back from my trip to Sydney, I've been trying to do more things outside of my comfort zone lately and exploring places kind of far away from home (but not too far). What should my next stop be?