Life update: I graduated from USC (Part 1)

Just two days ago, I graduated from my dream school with a Bachelor's degree in Journalism. I took hundreds of photos with different photographers and friends, but here are some of my favorites. Most important is the one with my parents. They are the reason I'm here and got to graduate from this incredible university. The most amazing part of graduation was watching my commencement speaker, Oprah Winfrey. Some wise words she imparted on the Class of 2018: our degree is a privilege and we must use it to help others who aren't as lucky to be in the same room as us, keep the phone away from the dinner table, focus less on being interesting but being interested in others, and VOTE. All the glory to God for all that I have in life and thank you all for following my journey on this blog. 

USC Grad Session 5.8.18-35.jpg
USC Grad Session 5.8.18-33.jpg
USC Grad Session 5.8.18-90.jpg
USC Grad Session 5.8.18-63.jpg
USC Grad Session 5.8.18-103.jpg
USC Grad Session 5.8.18-100.jpg