Skybar on Sunset

Last weekend I reunited with one of my old friends Theo, who is super great at photography and took these pictures of me. We went to Skybar At the Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood because we thought it would be a nice place to have some dinner and take pictures at the rooftop. We wanted to go during golden hour so the light would be nice outside. The photos online definitely make the hotel seem more high up that it actually is, but it was still gorgeous nonetheless. The Mondrian hotel is chic and clean with lots of minimalism and clear glass walls. It was impossible to find street parking so we had to opt for the valet which was over $15. Based on reviews, Skybar is supposedly one of the finest and busiest outdoor pool lounges in Los Angeles. We went on a Friday night, but it was very empty and not a lot of people were there. The bar and lounge area was still very picture-esque, but it still felt like something (ambiance) was missing.

We ate at Ivory on Sunset, which is right next to Skybar. They're pretty well-known for their brunch menu, but the dinner was still pretty decent. I had the Spaghetti Pomodoro because I love pasta and it didn't disappoint. The portion and flavor was definitely a little overpriced though. Sometimes I feel like I've been in Los Angeles for too long and that I've become desensitized to the glitzy and beautiful rooftop views of the city. I definitely didn't feel that indifferent when I first moved here for college. Overall, it was a great day catching up with a friend and seeing more of the other side of L.A. since I'm always in downtown!