Hey there, i'm Erika lee!

i like creating engaging & meaningful content.


With experience in both traditional/long-form reporting and producing for social/mobile platforms, I believe in the marriage of exciting and informative content that adapts to the rapidly changing media landscape. 

Whether it's writing, video, audio, or social media, I am passionate about storytelling on all platforms and pride myself in being a well-rounded multimedia journalist.

I am fascinated by social media trends and love researching the reasons behind why some videos go viral and some do not. I previously served as the social media editor of the Daily Trojan (where I also served as Lifestyle editor) and helped manage the Instagram account of Eater Los Angeles when I was an intern there. 

Diversity and inclusion in media and entertainment is a mission I hold close to my heart, a mission that has led me to be the President and Co-Founder of the Asian American Journalists Association at University of Southern California Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism, where I currently am a senior studying print and digital journalism.

I believe in going the extra mile with enthusiasm, persistence, and creativity in all things I do. Take a look around my site for my blog, published editorial and video work. And yes, my website name is a play on words of morning news show, "Good Morning America" and my first name! 

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